Product Description

The evil Super Plush mini buffing towel from Hellshine!


The Mini Reaper is a 40 x 40 super plush buffing towel with a thick, soft pile that is safe to use on all paint surfaces. Devilishly absorbent with satanically soft edging for a perfect finish on even the softest paint.


The Mini Reaper can be also used as a mini drying towel,  and is perfect for door shuts, inner wings and wheels;  along with its big brother ‘The Reaper’ they make the perfect pair for any car or motorbike!


Product Features:

  • Super plush, super soft
  • 40cm x 40cm size towel
  • 1000GSM quality
  • Buffs away residue with ease
  • Absorbs water like Hell!

The Mini Reaper – By Hellshine